Our vehicle technicians are not only skilled in repairing the outside of your vehicle, we can also restore the appearance of your car’s interior too: repairing and restoring the upholstery and trim.

Repairs to Fabric & Leather Upholstery & Trim

Normal wear and tear damage, holes, burn marks and torn fabric / leather upholstery or trim (such as leather steering wheels, dash or gear sticks) can be repaired and restored without the considerable cost of complete replacement. This creates a much more economical solution to restoring the beauty of your car’s interior and regaining that “new car” feeling.

Repairs to Plastic Trim

Likewise, we can use cutting edge techniques to repair damage, scuff marks and general wear, without the expense of replacing interior panels. In a matter of hours, we can have the inside of your car looking fresh and enticing again.

car interior repair

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